Why You May be Failing as a Leader in Network Marketing

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Published: 02nd November 2012
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You have likely learned by now that searching for information through your favorite search engine will likely result in a multitude of different opinions of characteristics needed for leading a successful team in network marketing. So in this article we'll discuss why you may be failing as a leader in network marketing. Sometimes we simply don't know how to grow our business, generate leads, recruiting, and then how to lead our team properly so they will duplicate our efforts. It's probably safe to say you have found varying degrees of opinions such as leadership, communication skills, self development, and marketing skills all being the top of the chain skill sets to develop. From observation and my own experience that I have gained as an entrepreneur there are areas we as leaders can easily overlook in our day to day activities with our teams. In this article I will provide some information and suggestions that you may find useful to add to your tool kit and coach for duplication with your team through a Servant Leadership approach. First let me tell you a quick story.

In my early days of growing myself as a leader, I worked closely with a leadership team at a previous company I worked with. I found that typically when specific instruction was provided for team members to perform actions to completion, a common theme was that team members would often struggle to execute the instructions effectively. I just couldn't figure out why my instructions weren't being followed the way I wanted them. It all boiled down to needing to find a way to lead in a way that provided a functioning application of specific instructions to not only be understood, but also duplicated from my leadership team to their individual teams. Frustration set in and I started wondering if I was even a right fit for leading to begin with! My instructions were clear, concise, and people responded with positive understanding, but the instructions just weren't being carried out. I wanted to pull my hair out. Then one day I was speaking with a mentor of mine and sharing my frustrations when I was introduced to the idea of Servant Leadership. It was then that the ‘aha moment' struck me and it was then that I realized I was already a Servant Leader, but didn't have all the pieces put together. Tweaking my own leadership behavior was needed and the results would be amazing.

Being an effective leader is absolutely within your grasp as it was in mine. It didn't matter if I was coaching how to generate leads face to face or recruiting through a phone call, as all remained effective and the method of delivery wasn't the issue. Nothing changed in regard to continuing to be consistent with the instructions and expectations. What did I change however was simply providing demonstration of the instructions and skip level coaching sessions with my team's team.

It really was that easy. Once I gave instructions to a leader on my team, then dedicated myself to be a Servant Leader, I included demonstration of the behaviors I was trying to drive. What did this mean? Well, simply put, I showed them in real time by following my instructions with a demonstration during a real interaction. This allowed my team members to see the instructions being carried out in a live call or face to face interaction with a customer. Once completed, I asked for feedback by asking specific questions such as, ‘what did you like best?' and ‘what do you think you might change with that interaction?' In soliciting this feedback from my own leadership team I was also able to grow and practice these methods as well. A perfect example that coaching is a 360 degree process. The respect earned by not only my leadership team, but also our employees was worth its weight in gold and the results were very powerful.

This same Servant Leadership style tied perfectly into my own home business with growing my network marketing team. A promise I made to myself was to make myself available to demonstrate and actually teach my team. I made live calls to their prospects to show how the conversation should flow. I demonstrated to my team how to get to know their prospects to determine our solutions were right for them. I showed them how to build relationships with their customers. I showed them how they can coach their own teams to demonstrate the same way. Once I found that just sending an email out or giving instructions on a phone call wasn't enough, and took time to roll up my sleeves and demonstrate for them, the light bulbs came on!

Some words of wisdom that I hope you can take away and put into practice for your team. Whatever your coaching efforts ranging from generating leads, recruiting or teaching how to duplicate your efforts in network marketing, take time to get in the pits with your team and demonstrate by talking to their first few prospects. Run a meeting for them, host a call, take time to show them how involved you are and the level of dedication you have for helping them succeed. Solicit feedback from your team members and allow them to learn through your demonstration. Always approach each demonstration by setting a clear understanding that it's ok to fail, it's ok to sound ‘weird', all this is normal. Through practice and stepping outside of our own comfort zone as leaders we all grow and adapt new methods coached to us by adding our own individual personalities. After all, this is a people business and it's all about growing and maintaining relationships right?

Give it a try, just let your new team member to include you on their first call and offer to do the work as a demonstration. You will notice a huge difference when you're demonstrating the level of commitment you have for their success and your investment in grooming them to be the best leader they can be. The rewards will be incredible will be duplicated each and every time. But it doesn't end there!

To continue your Servant Leadership approach, schedule bi-weekly checkups with leaders two, three, or even four levels down. Some term this ‘skip level' coaching and they provide exactly the same rewards and allow you to continue growing your team with consistency. When the leader that is ‘way up there' takes time out of their busy schedule to reach down and lend a helping hand a few levels down, the message is very powerful and definitely allows for the strong team commitment mindset to really sink in. It will do wonders for your own mindset and self motivation in knowing that you're making a difference.

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Darin McCall

Darin McCall lives in Louisville, KY and is a home business coach and independent Information Marketer. Through practicing Servant Leadership, Darin dedicates himself to helping those on his team increase their potential of being their own boss and working towards financial freedom. You may visit his website at www.LiveYourFutureVision.com for additional ideas and guideance on growing your home business.

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